About Craig Wolf

While planing a trip to Galápagos I decided to take along a "real" camera. Just days before my flight I got the camera and I ran a roll of film through it. I went to Ecuador and spent a week in the Andes, four nights in the Amazon River Basin and then a week on a small ship touring the Galápagos Islands. To my surprise the images were fine. The camera actually forced me to slow down and take it all in. 

After attending a photography workshop with Don Gale the two of us decided to make a how-to video. Together we traveled from Lone Pine through the Eastern Sierra and then into Yosemite National Park. That one week changed me forever. Don became a great friend and after putting the video together I had all the lessons planted into my head. I still hear his voice telling me the right way to do things.

Along the way I met many wonderful people. All of us Outdoor Photographers enjoy that sense of adventure. Unfortunately Don Gale passed away. He died from cancer at the all too young age of 58. He is missed by all of us who had the pleasure of spending time with him. He always made an effort to build a campfire or take a hike. He found a way to make each day special. It wasn't just about photography. It was about the great outdoors and sharing time with friends. Don had lots of help from his talented co-worker Mike Meisinger. While Don was sick Mike and I filled in teaching some of the workshops. Mike and I still roam the West searching for great light and telling stories of yesterday when we went here or there with Don.

After 25 years as a video Editor at NBC, and lucky enough to win an Emmy for editing on the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, I retired. I'm enjoying every second. I hope to see you out there. 



  • Delaware North Company  - Yosemite
  • Mariposa Travel Bureau 
  • Volkswagon Canada
  • NBC Universal
  • Elevated Press
  • Simon & Schuster
  • Sunset Magazine (DNC Ad)
  • MR. Magazine 
  • Yosemite Bug
  • Focal Press - Canon DSLR
  • Various annual reports and book covers


  • Sony A7rii - 43mp Camera
  • Canon Lenses, 24-105, 70-200, 16-35 - all f4